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Plans and pricing

We have taken great care in crafting our Friendship plan to provide you with a range of exclusive benefits that perfectly align with your financial needs. Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy all the advantages of our plan without straining your budget. Furthermore, it is worth noting that all subscriptions are billed in advance, allowing you to have peace of mind and full control over your expenses.



billed annually

Key features
  • Advance ticket booking to all concerts

  • Your name in our Friends Hall of Fame



or £150/year billed annually

Key features
  • Everything Lichnowsky, plus...
  • Discounted tickets to public concerts
  • Membership of Beethoven Quartet Society



or £500/year billed annually

Key features
  • The full Lobkowitz, plus...
  • Discounted private hire of the Quartet for your events
  • Opportunity to participate in future investment rounds

All plans include

some truly mould-breaking

  • World-class music-making

    Enjoy our exceptional technical skill and profound musical understanding!

  • Interactive concerts

    Sharing your reactions, singing, and even joining the Quartet 'on stage' can feature in our concerts!

  • Friends-only events

    Join the Quartet and our Friends for picnicking or punting in the sun and carolling at Christmas!

  • Daring performances

    Dive into our world where we push the boundaries of the string quartet repertoire!

  • Innovative experiences

    Our programmes will surprise and excite you, stimulate the imagination, and leave you wanting more!

  • Beethoven Quartet Society*

    Want to get technical? Join our Beethoven Quartet Society events where we dig deep into a movement from the string quartet repertoire.

* Beethoven Quartet Society is not included with Lichnowksy Friendships, but can be purchased at an additional cost of £10/month or £100/year when billed annually.

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Here are some words from our sponsors

“As a Friend of Cambridge String Quartet I gain access to a fount of musical skills and knowledge both online and at concerts. Covid lockdowns were made bearable by this Quartet.”
Richard Heffer
Richard Heffer, Lichnowsky Friend
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet...”
Hartmut Kuhlmann, Razumovsky Friend

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Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about how the Friends scheme works? Read on

How are payments handled?

Subscription fees are collected via Direct Debit, just like your utility bills. We have partnered with GoCardless to provide this quick, easy, and reliable way to keep your subscription up-to-date.

We can also accept personal cheques made out to Cambridge String Quartet Limited

Can I have my name removed from the Hall of Fame?

Of course! Just let us know when filling out your application form, or drop us an email at if you change your mind after the fact.

Friends Hall of Fame

Thank you to all of our Friends!

  • Stephen Clifton

  • Jonathan Holburn

  • Richard Heffer

  • Hartmut Kuhlmann

  • Edna Murphy

  • John Richards

  • Liz Stroud

  • Kate Wadsworth